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A workshop on the accreditation of the Doctorate in Dentistry within the national framework of qualifications

The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office at the university organized a workshop for the faculty members of the Dental Faculty on the placement of the Dentistry program within the national framework of qualifications. Dr. Thaer Al-Qadomi, the office director, explained the concept of accreditation and its importance in maintaining the learning outcomes for any academic program. He elaborated on the accreditation levels, starting from kindergarten and extending to a Ph.D. degree. Dr. Al-Qadomi also outlined the objectives of the placement framework in terms of organizing qualifications issued by higher education institutions and ensuring alignment of learning outcomes across educational institutions, regardless of the institution.
A comprehensive explanation was provided about the steps to initiate the qualification placement process. The workshop was attended by the Dean of the Faulty, the Head of the Department of Basic Dental Sciences, and all faculty members at the college.