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Strategic Plan

​Faculty of Dentistry Mission, Vision, Objectives, and Core Values of The Program
​The program of Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry's mission, vision, and core values stem from the Applied Science University mission and vision statement which include creativity, entrepreneurship, and continuous development in the fields of dental education, dental research, and community services in consideration of societal values perspectives and future generation perspective. 

Program Vision
To achieve national and international recognition in oral health education with a commitment to excellence in patient care, applied research, and community service

Program Mission
To provide oral health science education with high caliber in addition to oral health-related research and community services that promote the oral health of society.

Program Objectives
1. Develop and implement rigorous and comprehensive dental education programs that meet local and international standards.
2. Promote a culture of research and innovation within the college to contribute to new knowledge and advancements in dental science. 
3. Establish awareness programs and initiatives to meet the oral health needs of the local community. 
4. Develop state-of-the-art clinical facilities equipped with the latest technologies to provide students with hands-on experience. 
5. Encourage collaboration with other healthcare disciplines within the university to promote a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. 
6. Establish international cooperation and exchange programs to introduce students and faculty to global perspectives in dental education and practice. 
7. Integrate innovative technologies into the curriculum to keep students up-to-date with the latest advances in digital dentistry, diagnostic tools, and treatment modalities. 
8. Implement support systems such as mentorship programs, counseling services, and extracurricular activities to promote the overall well-being of students. 
9. Seek accreditation from relevant national and international accreditation bodies to ensure the quality and recognition of dental the program. 
10. Plan for future growth and expansions by assessing the evolving needs of the community and dental profession

Program Core Values
1. Ethical Conduct: morality, respect, justice, and compassion.
2. Teamwork: collaboration and cooperation.
3. Accountability: exceeding the standards of accountability.
4. Transparency: acting with clarity.
5. Excellence: commitment to quality performance, innovation and creativity