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Art and Design

Faculty of Arts and Design Showcases Student Talent in Furniture Models Exhibition


In a celebration of creativity and innovation, the Faculty of Arts and Design at [College Name] recently unveiled an exhibition featuring an array of furniture models. The event, held on Wednesday, May 1st, 2024, was inaugurated by the esteemed Dean, Professor Emad Al Fahmawee, and was attended by the head of the Interior Design Department, Dr. Mahmoud Ismail, faculty members, and a group of enthusiastic college students.

The exhibition, a culmination of the Materials Technology and Workshop Practices course, showcased the works of students in various drawing scales. These models are envisioned for use in outdoor spaces and interior corridors within the Faculty of Arts and Design, highlighting the practical application of classroom learning. During the event, course instructors, Professor Issam Odeh and Lecturer Khaled Al-Radaydeh, provided detailed explanations of the ideas and design processes behind each project. Students then had the opportunity to present their projects individually, showcasing their creativity and design skills.

The engineering workshops staff, led by Engineer Marwan Zidan, the workshops manager, also played a crucial role. They reviewed the models on display to assess their feasibility for implementation during the semester, further bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The exhibition not only serves as a testament to the talent and hard work of the students but also reflects the university's commitment to preparing its students for the demands of the job market. It aims to enhance their efficiency, creativity, and confidence, nurturing them into future leaders and innovators in the field of design.