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Art and Design

The Applied Science Private University and Amman Chamber of Industry sign a joint collaboration agreement that aims to straighten applied learning and practical skills development.


In a qualitative attempt to improve collaboration between the academic and the industrial sectors. The Applied Science Private University have signed a joint agreement of collaboration with Amman Chamber of Industry, the event was attended by the University’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Haitham Abu Khadyjah, Chairman of Board of Directors of Amman Chamber of Industry Eng. Fathi Al-Jaghbeer. The University chancellor Prof. Sameeha Jarrah, Dear on the Faculty of Arts & Design Prof. Emad Al Fahmawee. Dr. Mahmoud Ismaeel, Head of department of Interior Design, Ms. Oraib Al-Subaihi. In addition, the event was also attended by Mr. Taher Khaled, a member of the Board of Directors of the Jordan Chamber of Industry and representative of the wood and furniture industries sector, Mr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh, Director of the Studies and Strategies Department, and Majd Al-Majali of Amman Chamber of Industry Public Relation Department.

The agreement represents serious efforts in improving knowledge and practical application and develop both national and local partnerships, and reflects a mutual commitment to holding training courses and field visits in cooperation with the Jordan Chamber of Industry, as well as exchanging knowledge and experiences, organizing joint workshops, and providing training opportunities for students, in addition to joint support in the field of Academic and applied research, as this step embodies an advanced vision to enhance applied practical