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Art and Design

The Applied Science Private University and Arabia Weather sign a joint cooperation agreement to promote practical education and develop professional competencies


​​In a qualitative step that enhances cooperation between academic institutions and leading companies, the Applied Science Private University signed a strategic cooperation agreement with “Arabia Weather”, one of the Ard Group companies, the first and largest group of companies specialized in climate security and climate technology.

This agreement represents a serious effort to enhance knowledge, and practical application and develop national and local partnerships.

The Applied Science Private University was represented at the signing of the agreement by Professor Dr. Samiha Jarrah, President of the University, Professor Dr. Emad Al Fahmawee, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, Dr. Mustafa Othman, Head of Design and Visual Communication Department, and Lec. Hadeel Al-Qur’an, on behalf of the Arabia Weather Company, represented by the General Manager, Mr. Fares Shaaban, and the Public Relations Officer and Academic Operations Specialist, Ms. Souad Al-Ratrout.

This agreement reflects a joint commitment to holding specialized training courses in cooperation with the Arabia Weather Academy, in addition to exchanging knowledge and experiences, organizing joint workshops, providing training opportunities for students, in addition to joint support in the field of academic research. This step is an advanced vision to enhance practical education, reduce the gap between the student and the labor market, and guide students toward achieving their professional aspirations. 

We look forward to an inspiring future of prosperous cooperation between Applied and Arabia Weather, as this partnership is expected to contribute to preparing a generation of distinguished professionals in several fields