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Art and Design

Strategic Plan


Excellence in the education of applied and intelligent designs, and distinction in scientific research and community service.


Developing a professional generation with a skill-set that is compatible with the labour market’s various variables, both locally, and regionally, by developing an ever-evolving learning inputs, tools, and up-to-date design software’s through smart, and applied methods. All of which through offering an integrated, quality-based educational environment that always strives to enhance educational sustainability, scientific research, and community service. 


We believe in:

1. Professionalism.

2. Excellence.

3. Inventiveness.

4. Teamwork

5. Learning by doing

The School’s Strategic Objectives

1. Promoting scientific research.

2. Providing various cutting edge, up-to-date programs that can keep up with the ever-changing technological advancement.

3. Nurturing a generation that is well-equipped to deal with the ever-changing labour market. 

4. Promoting cooperation on both the local and regional level.

5. Attracting well rounded faculty members.