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Art and Design

Strategic Plan

Future Vision for the Art and Design Faculty

Teamwork and justice are the main applications for the principle of perfection and quality, for the development of performance and excellence in the work done by all available means to ensure the production of distinct learning outcomes.
Access to global competitive position in the field of design (visual communication design, fashion design , and interior design) with an emphasis on regional leadership identity.
The faculty is committed to the arts and design to achieve regional leadership, by applying comprehensive quality standards for the preparation of professionals and researchers in the fields of distinct design. Provide excellent services to the community and the surrounding environment and keep up with scientific and technological developments in all aspects of education and research.

The Faculty Strategic goals and objectives:

First: To develop institutional capacity:
 Development of Organizational Structure
Maximize the democratic style of leadership altogether.
The development of an integrated information system.

Second: Human Resource Development:
Develop the skills of the administrative Staff.
Develop the skills of faculty members.
Develop the Skills of Assistance Committee.

Third: Faculty Resources Development:
Set plans for the development of financial resources.
Optimization of the physical facilities.
Set a plan for the development of environment and community service.

Fourth: the development of the Faculty effective educational:
Develop a plan for teaching and learning.
Determine the characterization programs and Decisions own bachelor stage.
The adoption of performance standards of reference.
Hold workshops and seminars.
The development of student activities and stimulate competition.

Fifth: The development of scientific research and Postgraduate studies:
Set a plan for scientific research.
Set standards for postgraduate studies and its system.
Characterization of programs and courses for the postgraduate studies.

Sixth: The Development of quality systems:
The Development of follow-up and evaluation System.
Put the Charter of credibility and ethics.
The Activation of the Reviewing Role.

Public policy: the adoption of public policy for the Law of the university and its implementing regulations.
Policies of teaching and learning:
Not to accept any proposal that weakens the quality of the educational process Polocy.
Keeping the Students Satisfaction Policy.
The Policy of dealing with Students poor attendance.
Designated part of the Academic year marks on the lectures attendance so as to give the students a motivation for attendance.
The Faculty Policy in the next stage is to be a leader in the designing studies, regardless of competitors.
Admission policy, The College should not put a special conditions for the acceptance, the college reputation and outputs are the supporter to attract whom have the desire and interest in education

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