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Art and Design

History and Objectives

History and goals of the college 

The Faculty of Art and Design (FAD) started its scientific career as a fine arts department, containing both graphic design and interior design specializations in 1992, as a division of the science faculties then later the faculty of literature, before becoming the first private faculty for Art and Design in Jordan based on the decision of the ministry of higher education and scientific research number 285 dated /8/2007.

The main motivation behind the establishment of the faculty was the provision of an artistic environment specialized in design, which can provide students in college community and Jordan audience in general with a good level of awareness about the concept of art and design. It played a significant role in founding a new design culture.  College Graduates have had an important role in spreading this culture with their presence in different locations in the design industry market in Jordan and abroad, and representing faculty in the best way possible.

Strategic goals 

The strategic plan of the faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) relies on a set of final goals that are based on quality standards, and reliance in the academic fields and administrative structure, and effective financial spending by:

  • - Improving governance in all work aspects in college.

  • - Updating the academic programs and education plans to become suitable with market needs.

  • - Working on attracting the distinguished students.

  • - Supporting and stimulating the faculty members in the faculty to conduct research according to the determined priorities.

  • ​- Seeking to ensure the quality of academic programs that the faculty provides to raise the level of it and reach regional and international competitiveness.

  • - Attracting highly qualified faculty members and the continuous pursuit of their development and continuity.   

  • - Developing the community service and working on signing memorandums of understanding with the design industry market sectors to build local and international partnerships.​