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Art and Design

Dean's Info and Message

Prof. Emad Al Dein Hasan Al Fahmawee

Architecture and Building Design
Academic Rank
Graduation Year

Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering​
​Russia Federation​


Dean's Message

Welcome to the College of Arts and Design, the College of Creativity, Beauty and Innovation. Joining our family is the right choice to seek Science and knowledge in the various fields of design. Our university was one of the first universities to monitor the importance of design locally and globally, so it took upon itself to teach it with its diverse specializations, and prepared for it. Well-thought-out programs that combine theory and application, in order to provide information on the one hand and keep pace with market requirements on the other hand.

Our college has proven its presence since its early beginnings, producing an elite group of distinguished designers who left a creative mark on their local and regional sites in the fields of graphic and interior design and digital media. Today we have expanded the fields, and the fashion and accessories specialization has joined us, which is considered a unique and new specialization in the local market. For this purpose, the university allocated the finest and best laboratories at the local level.

The college pursues modern, innovative and unconventional methods in teaching art and design, as it constantly develops the educational structure and provides a comfortable design learning environment through halls, drawing studios, and the distinctive facility of laboratories, the large exhibition hall, the photography studio, the reading corner, and the student lounge.

Our college is distinguished by its academic staff, who are known for their scientific and practical expertise, practicing designers, and many high academic ranks, who work in a team spirit to achieve distinctive educational outcomes for students.

Our college constantly reviews, develops, and updates study plans to suit local and international requirements. We also constantly hold many educational workshops, annual design forums, and drawing competitions, and hosts many designers and specialists in the field of visual arts. Our college has many local and international partnerships and agreements that continually contribute to developing the skills and expertise of our students in all specializations.

In the end, we thank you for your interest in us, and we invite you to visit the College of Arts and Design, the environment of creativity and innovation, to explore the opportunities available to you, and to speak to the college teachers to provide assistance. For any additional information, we are happy to contact you on the Deanship’s email.