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Interior Design


​Our department is committed to the academic interior design profession; its future vision is open to the outside, loyal to the inside to create future generations, creative designers and informed citizens. The department is dedicated to educate students in innovative and professional work environment that gather between the creative thinking and the functional aspect to emphasize the Jordanian identity.
Through this vision we are hoping to:

1- Prepare and develop innovative curricula to suit the market needs by understanding the requirements of all aspects.
2- Develop a strategic plan for the next five years supported by a set of goals.
3- Develop staff skills and approach more professional teachers to support our mission and vision.
4- Adopting and investing in our best graduate students by sending them abroad.
5- Build bridges with other academic organization inside and outside of Jordan
6- Develop and encouraging academic research in the interior design field.
7- Maintain a connection and good relationship between the graduate students and the interior design department after finishing their study.
8- Establish a strong network of connections with local and international universities around the globe.
9- Develop the ability to solve design-related problems to serve the ongoing need of our community and beyond. 

We invite you to join us in the interior design department to elevate the quality of creative thinking in the interior design world.

Head of Design Department,
Dr.mahmuod Ismael

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