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Graphic Design


​In 1992 / 1993, graphic design department began its discipline as a section within the Department of Fine Arts, which was affiliated to the Faculty of Science and then to the Faculty of Arts. In 22/8/2007 a decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, No. 285, under which established the first College of Art and Design in Jordan.
The Department of Graphic Design Began with a humble number of students, increasing steadily with the passage of time, and entitled now and became a reputation for excellence in the Kingdom and the Middle East, Department graduates have proven a high level of efficiency in the labor market, and now they occupy the highest positions in design firms, local and regional. There are also a number of Department Graduates, who complete their higher studies in the largest universities in the world, they have proved their merit in a high level of art in the world, which reflected the increased demand on the study of this major. Now its about 340 students from different nationalities who have come to the Kingdom to study Graphic Design at the Applied Science private University.
The section encompasses a teaching staff known for its distinguished academic and technical high level, the section continues in the rehabilitation and raising the level of the faculty members, in addition to attracting new Teaching members who are distinguished academic certificates and highly experienced in the academic environment.

About the Department
Graphic Design is one of the Visual communication channels used to deliver a clear visual message to a targeted audience, where the designer created a solution to the problem by transforming the message of the client to the target audience. Graphic Designer start designing the Corporate identity, branding and logos of the corporation, also he performs all the packaging design forms and styles, and the design of all commercial advertisements, whether through printed publications or street signs and posters as well as all various types of printed materials, which obliges any firm and work sectors.
Department offers bachelor's degree majoring in graphic design, in which the duration of the study is four-year scheduled as 136 credit hours, the student access to various kinds of designs and its characteristics. The study plan flows from the beginning of creating different kinds of logos, publications, stationary, packaging design and advertising for the products, various kinds of street hoardings, printed ads beside poster design. All added to the animation and the design of web pages. During the studying period, students gain all the skills necessary to make designs in addition to drawing skills and handling of colors

Graphic Design Department aims to provide an integrated academic program prepare graduates to work in the market or for graduate studies, and through the development of learning outcomes to suit the requirements of the labor market and rapid technological development.

Graphic Design Section Seeks to create a new generation of graphic designers who are able to promote the technical level of graphic design at the local and regional levels, to come up to the International level, and changing the visual culture of the community and create a healthy visual environment contributes to the advancement of various fields and to be competitive to the results in the rest of the world.

1. Provide designers able to build and implement ideas to a level of the global standards.
2. Enhance the confidence of the graduates themselves to do the duties assigned to them efficiently and to deal with the various means available to communicate the message.
3. Encourage graduates to develop their own personal uniqueness and independence.
4. Increase awareness among graduates for different artistic trends throughout history.
5. Increase the spirit of challenge to the graduates to reflect the highest level of creativity in their skills of problem solving.
6. Continuously develop the study plan to suit the needs of development in the market and the development of the available potentials.
7. Provide a distinguished cadre, capable of delivering information to the student.
8. Participate in competitions and Art Exhibitions to warm up and activate the student's spirit of challenge.
9. The establishment of exchange relations between section students and staff with global universities to promote cultural exchanges With other communities throughout organizing seminars and exhibitions in common with these universities.
10. Encourage students to participate in community activities, services and the awareness on various issues affecting the community.​​

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