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​​​Wondering what other alums are up to? Interested in learning more? Our featured alumni this issue share about their accomplishments after graduating from ASU, follow links below to more in-depth profiles.

Saif Layla

Nationality: Syrian

Faculty of Art/2020

He currently works in digital marketing at Al-Kimam Holding.

When I left my country of residence to commence Interior Design at ASU's Faculty of Art, my life began to change radically. My passion pushed me to realize the significance of learning about different cultures to establish many relations within the university community. Upon participating in several activities, I seized the chance by nominating myself for the Student Council. Thanks to Almighty Allah, I got the students' confidence and became an executive member as well as the head of the Faculty of Art and Design Committee. As I found it to be a wonderful blessing from Almighty Allah to provide help to the university community, I worked hard to attract passionate students to ASU's Chorus, which would allow them to display their skills. Another event I am proud of is that one which I worked on effectively and efficiently and was attended by over 3,000 ASU students. On the other hand, I was supported by all the academic staff of my specialization. My graduation project was among those distinguished at the university level, and it was nominated for several international competitions – thanks to Almighty Allah. With this picture, I would like to express grattitued to Almighty Allah as well as my family, professors, colleagues, and ASU community.

Ms. Nisreen Obaid
English Language and Translation
Works at the Embassy of the Philippines in Amman

My name is Nisreen Obaid. I enrolled in the University of Applied Sciences, majoring in English and translation at the College of Arts in 2011 and graduated in 2014. I am proud that I graduated from ASU. I would like to extend all thanks and appreciation to all faculty members at the university, especially the language department English is at the beloved College of Arts. Wishing the new generation students to achieve a successful path and prosperity. We are looking forward to raise the reputation of our beloved University. With my fully respect, appreciation and love. ​

Yousef Zaidan
Accounting 1993
Financial Manager at Al-Ahmadi Hospital, KSA.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all successive managements who have led the Applied Science University for what they have submitted to the students and graduates. Also, I advise myself firstly then my graduates’ colleagues, to not give into the difficulties of life and we have to believe that we are able to make the change and influence in the society.​

Abrar Ali Al-Asadi

Nationality: Iraqi

Faculty of Pharmacy/2019


I practiced many hobbies which have enriched my CV. As soon as I was admitted to university, I faced difficulties. However, I managed to overcome them and achieve the excellence I sought – all due to Almighty Allah as well as my professors and family.During my study, I took part in several bazars and courses. I could support my colleagues from my ASU experience and with the professors' assistance. I attempted to grant them power and motivation for studying.


 Anas Iqsu

Civil Engineering/1995

Resident of Istanbul

I worked in construction implementation and design in different countries. Now, I work for an architecture and construction implementation and design company, which is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Housing. I also provide services for my follow Arabs in founding similar real-estate and construction firms as well as obtaining the Turkish nationality in an exceptional way.

9/6/2021 3:06 PM