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Alumni Network

Alumni Benefits and Services

The services rendered by the Career Guidance and Alumni Office – King Abdullah II Fund for Development are as follows:

1. Career guidance
2. Training
3. Activities and partnerships (connection)
4. Alumni follow-up

1. Career guidance:
In all its forms, career guidance aims at steering students throughout their academic study. That would include choosing the specialization and job appropriate for the student according to their mental and physical capabilities as well as their learning and professional inclinations.
Forms of career guidance:
Individual career guidance
Collective career guidance
Online individual career guidance
Collective steering

2. Training:
Free courses, workshops, educational lectures and volunteering opportunities are offered to provide students with relevant skills, knowledge and capabilities. They are supposed to fit national and international labor market requirements as well as assist them in finding jobs.

3. Activities and partnerships (connection):
These aim at creating communication channels and maintaining permanent strategic relations with relevant partners, whether public and private institutions, donors, NGO’s, professional associations, business bodies, or employment firms. That would achieve the strategic objectives of ASU, in general, and the Office, in particular.

Activities and partnerships (connection) include the following services:
Part-time jobs
Career days
Job applications
Connection with donors aims at financing training course projects as well as career days.

4. Alumni follow-up: 
This refers to constant contact between the alumni, on the one hand, and ASU and its faculties, on the other. That means following up with their career situation, learning about ASU outcomes’ harmony with the market requirements and boosting their loyalty to ASU. Minor objectives include:
Building an alumni’s database
Follow-up on alumni’s affairs in their workplace and with employment firms
Conducting different studies on alumni and the labor market
Obtaining alumni’s success stories

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