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Students Affairs

Instructions of using university cards


1.The Applied Science University issues the university card to students enrolled in the university. The validity period of the university card depends on the major in which the student is registered, and the validity can be renewed when necessary according to the student's status.

2.The university card identifies the university student's identity at the Applied Science University and entitles him to access the services and facilities provided to university students.

3.All students must carry a university card on campus in order to present the card to university staff for identity verification.

​Terms & Conditions

4. If the student receives the university card, he acknowledges that he has read and understood the terms and conditions listed below:

5. The card belongs to the Applied Science Private University.

6. The card is used for identification and should be presented if requested by university staff and university security to access campus facilities, attend events and activities, and access services.

7. All data used to issue the card is subject to the regulations and instructions of the university.

8. Possession of a student card for another is a violation of the university's instructions and regulations and leads the student to disciplinary procedures.

9. If the card is damaged, a replacement fee can be applied.

10. In case the card is lost or stolen, the student is responsible for informing the Deanship of Student Affairs immediately to stop it.

11. The cardholder must maintain it and not puncture it or put stickers, pins, or other objects on it.

12. The university card is the only official identity for all procedures and services within the Applied Science University.

13. The university card is not considered a means of identification outside the Applied Science University, and the university is not responsible and does not bear any misuse of the university card outside its campus.

Card Uses

1. Getting in and out of the University.

2. Attending exams.

3. Borrowing books from the library.

4. Visiting the university clinic and for health insurance.

5. Obtaining any academic records or documents from the Admission and Registration Unit.

6. Using university buses only for subscribers

7. Any procedure at the university is carried out only with its presence.


The university card will be replaced for free only if

1. The card is no longer valid or readable.

2. An official order from the university to change the card for all students.

3. The student changes his first name or last name.

4. If the card expires and the student is still active at the university.

The university card will be replaced with a fee of five dinars if: 

1. Card loss or theft.

2. Intentional damage to the card (i.e. puncturing the card, cutting it into two pieces, etc.) or as a result of negligence.

When the card is lost or stolen, the student must submit a report immediately so that the card is deactivated to prevent its use by any unauthorized person. 


The card is automatically cancelled upon graduation, withdrawal or dismissal from the university for academic or non-academic reasons, upon suspension of the card or upon a notification from the cardholder that the card has been lost.

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