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Students Affairs

Developing Students' Career Skills and Capacities Programs

​​​​​​​​​​1.     Student follow-up to market their skills and develop their capacities

The Deanship of Students Affairs seeks to enhance students' capacities and encourage the spirit of initiative. It coordinates with different institutions to hold a set of free training courses programs aimed at motivating and qualifying the youth to become active society members. These activities take place in halls well-equipped for student training. They concentrate on promoting entrepreneurship by giving students the chance to transfer ideas to projects with assistance by specialists from different training centers.

In each semester, the following training courses are offered:

- My Entrepreneurship Project

- Launch an Enterprise

- We Are Community Leaders​

2.     CV writing and job interview skills
Free courses, workshops, educational lectures and volunteering opportunities are offered to provide students with relevant skills, knowledge and capabilities. They are supposed to fit national and international labor market requirements as well as assist them in finding jobs.

3.     Marketing skills for labor market and enterprise foundation

As part of the responsibility of the Graduate Follow-up unit in the Deanship of Student Affairs, contact is maintained between ASU and graduates. Training programs which target final-year students and fresh graduates are set to prepare them to join the labor market by improving their skills and personalities, which would also reflect a good image of ASU graduates. They foster the students' communication skills and abilities to deal with different types of character encountered in and out of the workplace. In this regard, two training courses are organized:

- Professional Ethics

- Communication Skills at Work

In addition, there are also courses which help students market themselves in the labor market. Here, CV writing is highlighted as a tool to communicate with employers through the How to Write a CV. The program lists the main features to have and the common errors to avoid when phrasing the CV. It also discusses the job interview skills to be observed and the practices to be avoided in such situations, so that the student would candidate no. 1 for the vacancy. To this end, there is My Way to the Job.

4.     Career Day Services

The Deanship of Student Affairs/Career Guidance and Graduate Follow-up Office holds the Career Day on an annual basis. On the one hand, non-government organizations from all industrial and service sectors are invited to offer opportunities for ASU's students and graduates looking for jobs. On the other hand, agreements are signed with several enterprises for the purpose of student training.

5.    Career Advisors
Online Career advisors encourage you to take full advantage of this service to support you with virtual sessions pertaining to career development process.

** Fill out the questionnaire identifying electronic training needs for 2021/2022 Click here​

Please contact​​ us on the following emails :

Dr. Hussam AlShroufDean of Students
Mohammad Al-adwanCareer Advisor and events
Dina RababehCoordinator of King Abdulla
Rawan AssadKing Abdulla Fund,
Zakarya AlmahasesCareer Advisor of Sceince and
Ahamd HanadehCareer Advisor of Bussiness
Lama SmadiCareer Advisor of Bussiness
Abdullah KhselatCareer Advisor of
Ali AhamoutiCareer Advisor of Arts and Design
Noor AlkhateebCareer Advisor of Arts and
Alia Al moumaniCareer Advisor of Medical Sciences
Osama NashwanCareer Advisor of
Laith Sheafat Career Advisor of Medical Sciences
Mohmmad Khader Career Advisor of Information Technology​

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