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Students Affairs

Support Services for Mother Students


Mentoring scheme for female students


The Deanship of Students’ Affairs has established a new department with the objective of supporting female students studying at the Applied Science Private University. The department provides the following services and mentorships:

  • 1.  Counselling for new mothers – Providing support with regards to time management and handling of different responsibilities simultaneously.​

  • 2. Personal assistance for pregnant female students while conducting different transactions at the university campus.

  • 3.  Provide guidance and assistantship in relation to completing their studies and assignments within the timeline specified.

  • 4.   Medical health counselling regarding issues related to female students' health and wellbeing​

  • 5.    Physical activity mentoring to help in maintaining the wellbeing and physical activity of female students​

  • 6.  Coordinate with the relevant academic departments to offer flexibility in the assessment procedures and components to accommodate the needs of female students with special needs and circumstances.​

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Deanship of Students’ Affaires to j​oin​ our mentoring groups

10/19/2022 6:58 PM