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Students Affairs

Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment is one of the services rendered by ASU, mainly aimed at guiding students how to make use of time, bearing in mind that working hours should take place at their leisure time. They are also trained for future job atmospheres, and needy students can receive some financial aid. The Student Recruitment Program adopts the following mechanism:


  1. 1. The target shall be current students but not alumni.

  2. 2. Faculty deans and administrative department heads shall be addressed to notify the Deanship of Students Affairs of any job vacancies and employment aspects.

  3. 3. The students' working hours shall take place in their free time, so they would not absent themselves from classes.

    4. The Deanship of Students Affairs shall post announcements to students on vacancies, so those interested may come to the Students Services Department to apply.

  4. 5. The Students Services Department at the Deanship of Students Affairs shall send the student's name and appropriate employment opportunity, sometimes taking into consideration the student's specialization or potential (especially for those from the Arts and IT faculties), to the ASU President for approval. 

  5. 6. A supervisor shall be appointed by the faculty dean or administrative department head, to assume follow-up on the student's job and the working hours during the month.

  6. 7. The faculty or administrative department concerned shall formally address the Deanship of Students Affairs, attaching a special statement of the student's actual hours during the month. The Deanship shall notify the Finance Department to disperse the allotted amount.

  7. 8. The student shall receive JD1 for each working hour, provided that it does not exceed 60 hours per month.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Student Recruitment Program

Lina Ammoury:

+962 5609999/ext. 1642

Mob.: +962 785766329


12/12/2021 11:14 AM