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Students Affairs

Social Cultural Department

​​​​This Department provides students with fair chances and opportunities to exhibit and improve upon their talents and hobbies. The department is responsible for organising all kinds of cultural and social activities for the University students. To accomplish these goals, the Department of Cultural and Social Activities makes every effort to provide the needed services and facilities. It oversees all cultural and social activities. It communicates with departments and directorates within the University and the broader community to ensure the most considerable degree of participation from all. The primary goal of the department is to develop students’ talents and skills and to help them build balanced personalities. Such activities are carried out within the mission of the University and aim to raise standards of student performance to higher levels. The objectives which the Department has set out to achieve include the following:


Promoting in students a sense of belonging to their Arab and Islamic nations.

Developing and encouraging student talent and channelling talents toward productive endeavours in various fields.

Strengthening ties with similar universities in the country, the Arab world, and the whole world.

Contributing to the preparation of University students as balanced and mature adults.

Promoting the spirit of volunteer work and teamwork among the students and encouraging them to make the best use of their time.

 The leading roles of this office are:

Hosting the student annual graduation ceremony.

Celebrating major National Holidays annually.

Arranging and hosting conferences and workshops on critical national topics.

Hosting blood drives each semester.

Issue the university yearbook annually.

Issue the student Guide annually.

Participating in workshops, conferences, and celebrations hosted by public agencies.

  Significant accomplishments during the past year 

Hosting an introductory lecture about Al Hassan Youth Prize.

Partner with the American Cultural Exchange Program.

Organised the selection of students to participate in various Youth Camps sponsored by the Higher Council for Youth.

Organizing and hosting several lectures on health and cultural issues.

Visit the site of Al Karama battle, the Unknown Soldier, and King Hussein Bridge in celebration of the Army day.

Organizing a visit to an Assisted Living facility on mother’s day.

Organizing the attendance of students to a ​workshop on the role of youth in politics hosted by the Ministry of Political Development.

The participation in a training session for students entitled, “Managing Change and Effective Participation in the Election Process.”

Participating in the conference on Traffic Safety by 50 students on day one and 20 students on day two, where the students attended lectures and participated in discussions on various topics about driving safety.

Hosting five lectures on the dangers of illegal drugs given by the department of drug enforcement.​

6/22/2022 1:16 PM