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Students Affairs

Career Guidance and Alumni Office - King Abdullah II Fund for Development

Services rendered by the Career Guidance and Alumni Office - King Abdullah II Fund for Development:

1. Career guidance

2. Training

3. Networking

4. Alumni follow-up

I.  Career guidance:

In all its forms, this service is aimed at steering the students throughout their stages of study to choose the appropriate specialization and job, based on their mental and physical abilities as well as their educational and professional preferences.

Forms of professional guidance:

1.      Individual career guidance

2.      Collective career guidance

3.      Online individual career guidance

4.      Collective steering: This is aimed at educating students on employment-related issues

II.  Training:

This is aimed at equipping students with skills, knowledge, abilities, and tendencies which would introduce positive change in their mentalities and behaviors and empower them throughout their academic life. In a bid to meet the national and international labor market requirements and boost their job opportunities, training is provided in the form of courses, specialized workshops, volunteering, and awareness-raising lectures.​

Currently required university student training includes:

1-      Employment skills

2-      Entrepreneurship and freelance skills

3-      Communication skills

4-      Language skills

5-      Computer skills

6-      Awareness-raising, community, and volunteering programs


III.     Networking:

This is aimed at establishing channels for contacts and permanent strategic relations with relevant partners, such as private and public sector institutions, donors, civil society bodies, professional associations, trade and alumni unions, and employment firms. Such ties shall be maintained and fostered to achieve the objectives of both the Office and ASU.

It includes the following services:

1-      On-the-job training for employment purposes

2-      Volunteering opportunities

3-      Part-time jobs

4-      Career Day: This is aimed at allowing students and those looking for jobs to communicate with employers and learn about their job opportunities. The event is joined by a host of national and foreign businesses in different economic sectors as well as employment and human resources firms.

IV.    Alumni follow-up:

This is a continuous process of communication between ASU and its alumni. ASU and its faculties learn about the alumni's career status and to what extent ASU's outcomes fit the market requirements, which would also enhance their sense of belonging to ASU. The following sub-objectives shall be accomplished:

  • ​Building an alumni database
  • Follow-up of alumni's progress with employment firms and at work
  • Conducting different studies on alumni and the labor market
  • Organizing alumni meetings (conferences and forums)
  • Obtaining alumni success stories

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