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Students Affairs

King Abdullah Development Fund Office

​​​​In response to the Royal directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, Applied Science University opened a career development office on its premises to handle the career development of university students and to equip them with the means necessary to enter the job market.

 Office Objectives:
 King Abdullah II Career Development Office aims to provide the following services to students:

  • Provide a database of labor market needs.
  • Train students and graduates on how to prepare a CV, a Cover Letter and how to prepare for the interview through specialized free courses held for university students.
  • Provide advice and guidance for graduate students on how to search for job openings and how to contact companies at the local and regional levels.
  • Participation in Injaz Career Day, where companies meet with students and expected graduates to learn about their qualifications and potentials to secure employment opportunities for them. 

 Office Services:
KAFD II Office holds a number of courses and workshops for students in collaboration with Injaz. These courses are free and take place on the university’s campus each semester. The courses are delivered by a group of distinguished experts from the public and private sectors. Injaz provides participants with certificates of participation at the end of each session.

Main training sessions delivered by KAFD office are: -

  • How to become a leader (leadership)
  • Success Skills 
  • Work Ethic
  • Let’s take a look at the Economy
  • Lifetime Project

 The above mentioned courses are intended to refine the student's personality and to the development of his ideas and talents. Students draw up and develop a plan for their career project at the end of each session.

 The main focus of the training courses and workshops offered are in the following areas:

  • Build a CV
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Prepare a Cover Letters
  • Effective Communication

KAFD office implements many programs and activities in cooperation with King Abdullah II Development Fund. Students participate each semester in a TV program (“Al HakiElna”). This program is a talk show that discusses many issues that concern the community and strives to propose solutions to such issues and problems and it also works on the development of student’s new ideas.

  1. Helping graduates to develop a strategy to search for a suitable employment opportunity that commensurate with their qualifications and desires.
  2. Provide a data base of available jobs, in cooperation with the Alumni Officeat the University.
  3. Holding meetings and interviews between graduates and employers.
  4. Guide recent graduates to the areas and courses that could be attended to increase their access to suitable employment.
  5. Guide new students in the selection of required disciplines and inform them of the opportunities available for them after graduation.
  6. The Office is fully prepared to cooperate with the members of the faculty and to consider their proposals for the introduction of courses and seminars that they consider appropriate for their students.

Beneficiaries of the Office Services:

  • ASU Students
  • ASU Graduates
  • Companies and private sector Institutions

Contact Information:

Office of King Abdullah II Fund for Career Development - Activities Building / No. (10) / Deanship of Student Affairs:
Phone 5609999 Ext 1713
Fax 5609994

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King Abdullah II Development Fund


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