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Students Affairs

International Students Affairs Office

​Based on the awareness of the Applied Science Private University regarding the importance of openness to Arab and foreign societies, the Office of International Affairs was created to be the first destination for foreign students in all the transactions they need and to facilitate the obstacles they face and lend a helping hand in solving them. The Office of International Affairs also facilitates securing immigrant students of restricted nationalities’ residency for the purpose of studying, in coordination with the security authorities and providing appropriate support that contributes to students' adaptation to coexistence in their university and community environment.

Office Vision:
Presenting an outstanding form in transmitting the university's image to international students.

Consolidate positive perceptions of the university, and remove obstacles for foreign students.

Functions of the International ​​Affairs Office:
The International Affairs Office undertakes the following tasks in coordination with the concerned authorities inside and outside the university:
• Helping to provide suitable accommodation for international students.
• Creating awareness about cultural diversity.
• Receiving the complaints and suggestions of International students.
• Following through with the procedures of obtaining annual residency for foreign students of restricted nationalities by addressing the official authorities after providing the office with the necessary papers and required documents.​
• Issuing entry visas for the purpose of studying for restricted nationalities students for those outside the country and have chosen the Applied Science Private University as a destination for their studies after providing the office with the necessary papers and required documents.

• Conducting annual residency renewal procedures for foreign students after providing the office with the necessary papers and required documents.

• Obtaining the annual residence card for students from the security centre through the university representative.
• Following the procedures for transferring sponsorship (residence permit) for foreign students, if necessary.

• Finalizing the annual residence permit file for international students if they graduate or withdraw from the university.

International Students Affairs Office Officer:

Nur Al-Khawaja

Phone: (06-5609999) ext (1922)


9/14/2020 3:50 PM