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Students Affairs

Students Learning Development Unit

​​The Students Learning Development Unit​ (SLDU) focuses on helping the students to progress throughout their academic journey and programs of study by offering trainings, workshops, and counseling services. The SLDU aims to enhance the students' learning skills and improve their academic progression, thus they are able to complete their programs of study successfully with maximum benefit and best experience of their university life.


The SLDU conducts its activities on semesterly basis by offering a wide range of learning activities that are carried out by skilled and professional fulltime trainers, and volunteered faculty members and invited guests.

 The SLDU activities and services include: 

  1. 1.​ Support for all students in all aspects of academic writing, and communication skills.

    1. 2. Improving the students essential study skills .

    1. 3. Trainings on use of MS Office and other IT skills ​

    2. ​4. Organizing teamwork capacity building programs ​

    3. 5. Prebooked 1:1 or group tutorials. Contact us at: 

    4. -Dr. Nisreen Dahdoul 

    5. tel: 05609999 ext.: 1420 

    6. email:

    7. - Marwa Alqaisi 

    8. tel: 05609999 ext.: 1156

    9. email:

    10. - Lina Ammoury

    11. tel.: 05609999 ext.: 1642


2/28/2023 11:14 AM