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Students Affairs

Office Achievements

Career Guidance and Alumni Office's main achievements for the academic year 2020-2021:

·    The Office contacted the alumni of the semesters 20191, 20192 and 20193 via e-mail, stored their data, briefed them on ASU's accomplishments, and updated percentages of those employed.


·    The Office organized 24 free training courses for students and alumni in the academic year 2020-2021:

  1-     16 free online courses for students and alumni during the 1st semester, serving 673 participants

   2-     7 free online courses for students and alumni during the 1st semester, serving 410 participants

   3-     9 free online courses for students and alumni during the 1st semester, serving 402 participants

The total number amounted to 1,485 participants.


​Courses of the 1st semester in the academic year 2020-2021


​Election Law Orientation


​Construction Engineering Design


​Basic Life Support


​Introduction to Flutter and Mobile Apps Development


​Writing Scientific Papers


​Critical Evaluation of Study designs


​Contract Formulation


​Introduction to Cyber Security


​Medication Calculation


​Introduction to Cloud Computing


​Nursing Process


​Quality System Applications






​3D Printer and Can Machines


​Student Guide Workshop

​​Total number of participants: 673 

​​Courses of the 2nd semester in the academic year 2020-2021


​Primavera P6


​Autodesk Fusion 360


​Curriculum Vitae and Job Interview Skills


​Communication Skills


​Critical Reading and Listening during Pharmacy Study


​Coaching and team building


​Excel Basics

​​Total number of participants: 410

​​​Courses of the summer semester in the academic year 2020-2021​


​Typing in Arabic and English


​Technical Intelligence – with INJAZ organization


​Adobe XD for Apps Interfaces


​Jordanian Bar Association Legislation/Code of Ethics workshop


​Job Application and Interview Skills


​EGG Analysis and Interpretation


​How to Write a CV


​Design Profession Ethical Behaviors


​Golden Rules for Speeches and Preaches

Total number of participants: 402

·    A training workshop was presented to new students on ASU's specializations and the Office services. It was introduced by the Dean of Students Affairs.​


·      The Office contacted several businesses for the purpose of offering the alumni employment and training opportunities, which were posted on ASU's website.

ASU's alumni employment and training opportunities:

ASU's Career Guidance and Alumni Office hunts for the most appropriate jobs for ASU's alumni, by means of contacting businesses of different sectors and nominating alumni according to their specializations.

In cooperation with the Human Resources Department, the Office secured a number of jobs in the academic year 2020-2021.

- The Office sent the alumni's data to employment and training firms.

- The Office contacted numerous companies for employment and training purposes.

·         The Office signed 18 agreements for employment and training purposes.

·         The Office contacted 9,000 ASU's alumni and updated their data.

·         The Office contributed to the employment and training of 20 students.

·         In cooperation with the Public Relations Department, the Office produced a video of the alumni employed by ASU or other prominent places. The “ASU Brings Us Together" clip was aimed at supporting the alumni and boosting their relation to ASU.​

·   Among the achievements are career guidance sessions:

- Online individual sessions, requested by students via Opportunities website – King Abdullah II Fund for Development

-  A collective steering session titled: Curriculum Vitae and Job Interview Skills


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