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Sharia and Islamic Studies



Excellence Grants for the Faculty Students


The Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, in coordination with the Academic and Value Development Center, offers grants for those distinguished in learning, moral and skill aspects to specialize in Sharia. It comes with ASU's policy of adopting the distinguished to become influential scholars and leaders in their communities.

The excellence grant for Sharia is annually renewed in accordance with certain conditions. It is supervised by ASU's Academic and Value Development Center and Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies.


- Producing distinguished scholars of Sharia

- Developing Sharia students' skills

- Qualifying Da'wa specialists to promote Islam

- Preparing global preachers



To obtain the excellence grant, the applicant shall:


1. hold a high school certificate or equivalent degree with, at least, a Good average 

2. pass the following tests:

    a)   Memorization of the entire or parts of the Noble Quran

    b)  True recitation of the Noble Quran

    c)  Arabic and English skills

    d)  Knowledge challenge

3. have contributions to the community

4. pass a personal interview

5. be a full-time student


For queries and follow-up on the grant advertisements, please visit the grant page on the Academic and Value Development Center's website ( and Facebook page.



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