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Sharia and Islamic Studies

History and Objectives

Faculty's History and Objectives

The Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies became an independent faculty in the academic year 2019/2020. It used to be a department with the same name under the Faculty of Arts and Science since 1991. Now the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies consists of one department: Foundation of Fiqh.

The study plan of the Foundation of Fiqh is aimed at equipping students with both Sharia's general knowledge and special qualification in the Foundation of Fiqh.

The graduates are expected to be capable to work in Sharia, Awqaf, the Jordanian General Iftaa Department, Quran and Islamic centers in Jordan and abroad.

The Department is proud of its students' achievements in the Proficiency Exam held in 2016/2017 and the next two academic years, as they came top among public and private universities. Since the first time the exam was held, they have never been less than third.

As is the case with other departments, the students should take field training in education, Islamic courts or Islamic banks.

There is also a recitation lab launched in 2007/2008.


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Sharia and Islamic Studies

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