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Sharia and Islamic Studies

About Faculty


The Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies used to be an important department within the Faculty of Arts and Science since 1991/1992 for about 3 decades.

In the Faculty, there is one department called the Foundation of Fiqh. Its study plan is aimed at equipping students with both Sharia’s general knowledge and special qualification in the Foundation of Fiqh.

The graduates are expected to be capable to work in Sharia, Awqaf, the General Iftaa Department, Quran and Islamic centers in Jordan and abroad.

The Department is proud of its students’ achievements in the Proficiency Exam held in 2016/2017 and the next two academic years, as they came top among public and private universities. Since the first time the exam was held, they have never been less than third.

As is the case with other departments, the students should take field training in education, Islamic courts or Islamic banks.

There is also a recitation lab launched in 2007/2008.

Faculty’s Vision and Mission



The Faculty aspires for excellence in performance and expansion in terms of quantity and quality. As it believes that perfection comes at the top of faith, it seeks to achieve the standards of quality in teaching, research and training.



The Faculty believes it has a great responsibility to serve and deliver the Islamic Da’wa in terms of creed, worship and manners on and off campus. It also assumes fortifying ASU students with Islamic values, initiating dialogue with the Other and combating extremism.

To this end, the Faculty is keen on attracting excellent students in a bid to accomplish distinguished outcomes.


Methods to Achieve the Faculty’s Objectives

  • 1-  Setting and developing a study plan which keeps up with recent developments
  • 2-  Employing up-to-date technology to deal with sources of knowledge for Fiqh, Hadith, Quran interpretation and other Sharia sciences
  • 3-  Connecting theoretical and practical aspects and focusing on field training
  • 4-  Diversifying teaching and assessment activities, in terms of lectures, symposiums, research, reports, tests, etc.
  • 5-  Upgrading faculty members’ capacities by means of courses of skills, computer and administration on and off campus
  • 6-  Encouraging faculty members to conduct research and take part in papers and conferences in Jordan and abroad
  • 7-  Coordination with other departments to reach the desired objectives
  • 8-  Promoting Islam-based emotions of amity and tolerance and fighting hatred and bigotry

Faculty’ Aims and Objectives

  • 1-  Qualifying graduates to work in teaching, Da’wa and local and Islamic community service
  • 2-  Contributing to the making of a university student’s balanced Islamic personality, in all its intellectual, mental and behavioral aspects
  • 3-  Enabling the student to comprehend the true Islamic concepts to consciously perform his/her duties
  • 4-  Providing the student with the necessary practical skills, especially those related to the Noble Quran recitation and proper worship
  • 5-  Promoting true Islamic values and approaches for the student in his/her ties with himself/herself, Allah, others and the environment with its different elements and dimensions
  • 6-  Teaching the student to use balanced debate, good reasoning and dialogue, based on the Quran rules of wisdom, kindly instruction and discussion in the politest manner.


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Sharia and Islamic Studies

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