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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Jordan Journal of Applied Science


Jordan Journal of Applied Science is considered one of the prestigious journals compared to its Arab counterparts namely for being internationally indexed by Urlich's Database and arbitrated journal and summarized in the following sites:

Full text in Ulrich &  MANHAL (Arabic database)
Abstract in
- Science Bibliographic Database
-The British Library

​There is an ambition for indexing the journal in other locations as well. And the Journal holds this sequence number: ISSN 1605-2587. The Deanship of Scientific Research communicates with institutions and research centers in various countries in order to work joined research projects between ASU researchers and others from global research centers. The Deanship of Research works as a liaison officer with the Science and Technology Supreme Council, contributes through his connections with the council to the distribution of information on research cooperation with Western Universities to various university faculties, and urges faculty members to participate in the different research teams and to apply for financial support for their research projects.

Recently, the journal lunched the online system for the journal in order to enable the researchers and the evaluators to follow up their papers.

The Scientific Research General Rules included the issuing of the "Jordan Journal for Applied Science" as a scientific journal bearing the name of Jordan and the name of the applied science university. The journal is issued in two specialized parts:

- Humanities Series

- Natural sciences Series

The first issue was published in 1998.  So far, the Deanship has issued (20) volumes in the field of humanities and (13) volumes in the natural sciences. The issues are distributed to all Jordanian universities, governmental and private, and a number of universities in Arab countries in addition to many public and private institutions.



Humanities Series​

Volume 14 Issue 1 2012

Volume 15 Issue 2 2013

Volume 16 Issue 2 2014
Volume 17 Issue 1 2015

Volume 17 Issue 2 2015

Volume 18 Issue 1 2016

Volume 18 Issue 2 2016

Volume 19 Issue 1 2017​

Volume 19 Issue 2 2017

Volume 20 Issue 1 2018

Volume 20 Issue 2 2018

​​Natural Sciences Series​

Volume 11 2013
Volume 12 2014​​
Volume 13 2016

Editorial Board


Dr. Suzan Abed

Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies


Members of Natural Sciences Series

Dr. Suzan Abed/ Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies​
Professor Samiha Jarrah/ Vice-President 
Professor Nasser Abdellatif/ Faculty of Engineering
Professor Iman Amin Basheti/ Dean - Faculty of Pharmacy
Professor Nedal Alsaiyd/ Faculty of Information Technology​

Members of Humanities Series

Dr. Suzan Abed/ Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies​
Prof. kayed Quroush/ Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Prof. Thair Kaddumi/ Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office
Prof. Samer Barakat/Faculty of Economics & Administrative Science

Advisory Board

Prof. Khaled Al Karaki: The Jordan Academy of Arabic

Prof. Hani Al Dmour: The University of Jordan

Prof. Mohammed Abu Nassar: The University of Jordan

Prof. Cajetan M. Akujuobi: Alabama State University - USA

Prof. Matthew N. O. Sadiku: Prairie View a M University - USA

Prof. Bajis Dodin: University of California - USA

Prof. Tawfik Jelassi: EcoleNationale des Ponts et Chaussées France

Prof. Hesham Gharaibeh: German Jordanian University

Prof. Firas Al'ali: Jordan University of Science and Technology


Editorial Board Support Team

Secretary of Journal: Bayan Abu Ali

board Technical Production: Mous'ab Shhadeh

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