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Study Plan for Master (Marketing)


Based on the increasing demand in both local and international markets, the marketing department in ASU has established a new Master Program in Marketing, aiming to educate and sharpen the skills of both filed force and senior management .

The program has two plans, theses and comprehensive exam, both a t the total of 33 credit hours.

With ASU well-known and experienced professors we are sure that students will gain the best knowledge and achieve the goals of joining the Marketing Master Program in ASU. 

Study Plan for Marketing Master (Thesis) download

Study Plan for Marketing Master Comprehensive (Exam)  download

Courses Description  download

Academic Staff​

    Professor Hamad Al Gadir
    Professor Thamir Al Bakri
    Dr. Anas Al Hadid
    Dr. Ghaith Al-Abdallah

8/14/2017 3:35 PM