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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Scientific Research Council

​​​​Scientific Research Council (SRC)
SRC is comprised of (7) members of teaching staff at university appointed by a decision from the deanship council for two years subject to renewal for two more years.

The current council 2018/2019 consists of the following members:
Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies                                                Chair

Dean of the Faculty of Business                                                                             member
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy                                                                            member
Dean of Faculty of Information Technology                                                            member
Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities                                                                  member
Dean of Faculty of Engineering                                                                               member
Representative of Faculty of Nursing                                                                      member


The council assumes the following duties:

  • Proposing rules needed to support scientific research.

  • Proposing necessary rules related to the scientific journal.

  • Proposing required rules for support of valued publications.

  • Monitoring university's policies related to scientific research and proposing modification.

  • Monitoring instructions that regulate and encourage scientific research affairs.

  • Proposing principles which regulate rights of the university and researchers related to the results of scientific research at the university.

  • ​Studying, approving, and supporting research projects submitted by researchers at different faculties.

  • Monitoring work progress in supported research projects to ensure completion in the specified time period.

  • Discussing the deanship annual budget.​

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