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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Scientific Research Council

  1. University President / head member 
  2. Vice President of the University / member 
  3. Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees/ Member 
  4. Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies/Member 
  5. Dean of the Faculty of Business/ Member 
  6. Dean of the Faculty of Nursing/ Member 
  7. Dean of the Faculty of Law/ Member 
  8. Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology/ Member 
  9. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering/ Member
  10. Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy/ Member 
  11. Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design /Member.
  12. Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities/ Member
  13. Mr. Director of the Department of Admission and Registration Member

Tasks and responsibilities of the Scholarship Council: 

  1. 1- Enhancing the use of scholarships for high qualifications in the fields that serve the aspirations and plans of the university program.
  2. 2- Preparing a strategic plan in accordance with the requirements of the university in various fields, proposed by the scholarship committee after the approval of the university councils to start executing of the plan as scheduled.
  3. 3- Preparing draft regulations for scholarships and presenting it to the committee's first for approval.
  4. 4- Control of the administrative procedures for the selection of candidates for scholarships.
  5. Announcing the availability of scholarships through official channels, receiving, and verifying applications.
  6. 5- Discuss important academic issues at the committee meetings to make the appropriate decision.
  7. Extend the scholarship period, change specialization, transfer the study, terminate scholarships, and any other related matters.
  8. 6- Documenting the necessary information from scientists and following up the financial records in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.
  9. 7- Follow up the commitment of each researcher after graduation in accordance with the scholarship contract.
  10. 8- Follow up the daily and annual tasks of the department.

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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

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