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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies


​​​​​​The scholarship department adopts the University's vision in achieving the best outcomes through providing the university with special faculty members. Accordingly, in 2002, the University started to implement a scholarship plan aimed to select bachelor and master's degree holders to send them to study in high ranked universities to obtain a doctoral degree in important areas needed by the University in order to achieve its vision.

The university made sure to provide all types of logistical support for the scholars through the scholarship department which is responsible for following their academic progress and motivate them permanently to push them towards achieving a high level of excellence in their studies to contribute in the development of their departments after their return through the experiences they acquired during their studies, and thus to contribute to the upgrading of the academic level of the University.

 Tasks and duties:

promote the benefit of the scholarships program to get high qualifications in the areas that serve the aspirations and plans of the university and, through the following:

  • Preparing a strategic plan according to the university requirements in various fields, proposed by scholarship committee and then approved by the boards of the university to start implementing the plan as scheduled.

  • Preparing the draft of the scholarship regulations and presenting it to the committee to approve it initially. 

  • Control the administrative procedures for selecting the scholarship candidates as follows:

  • Announce about the availability of scholarships through official channels and receive the applications and verify them.

  • Select the appropriate candidates according to the instruction adopted for these purposes and follow up their scholarship procedures.

Follow-up the academic progress for scholars regularly to make sure of their performance and that this is done through:

  • Request from the sponsored students to provide periodic reports about their academic progress from their supervisors to clarify their quarterly or / and annually results, and discuss these results with the committee to follow and guide them.

  • Request from the concerned deans to follow up the academic progress for the scholars to be sure of their specialization area and the academic progress achieved by the student.

  • Discuss the important academic issues in the committee meetings to take the appropriate decision such as: extending the scholarship period, change specialization, relocation of the study,  terminate the scholarship, and any other related issues.

  • Document the necessary information of scholars and follow up their financial records in coordination with the financial department.

  • Follow up the commitment of each scholar after graduation according to the scholarship contract.

  • Follow up to daily and annual tasks of the department through:

  • Responding to the official books received by the Department related to the scholarship.

  • Preparing of quarterly reports and annual related to the scholars.

  • Preparing the annual plan for the work of the department.

Graduate Scholars
The number of students who have graduated and joined the work at the university at the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019 is (95) PhD holders. And the number of follows theirs studies and have not graduated yet is (43) scholars.


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