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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Scholarship conditions

  • ​​1- The applicant must be Jordanian, not convicted of a felony or violation and not committed to work for any party.
  • 2- The applicant must hold his scientific degrees by studying regularly from a recognised university from the applied science private university.
    3- The applicant must have a grade of not less than (very good) in the bachelor's and master's degrees, and that the two degrees in the same specialisation required.
    4- The applicant must not be more than 30 years old.
    5- To be proficient in English and to have a score in TOFEL or IELTS exam that qualifies him to obtain unconditional admission from the university to which he intends to be sent.
    6- Providing the required health fitness conditions.
    7- Those who meet the requirements shall be subject to the differentiation procedures for scholarship applications in the Applied Science Private University.
    8- If the application is approved, the delegate shall undertake to provide the mortgage and service at the university, three times the time he spends studying.
    9- Students who are in the PhD program and those who meet the conditions may apply to benefit from these scholarships.
    10- The University reserves the right not to respond to any request.

1/27/2021 2:18 PM