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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Master of Science Degree in Computer Science

Every day of our world's move to an information society, key solutions are provided by computer science, also known as informatics. No other discipline has grown so fast in such a short time and is constantly finding new uses for information technology.

The Faculty of Information Technology at Applied Science University offers a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science (MSCS) program thatcovers a broad range of computer science topics, and leads to degree following the international standard. The skills at the Master level include the skills of a Bachelor to an enhanced extent. MSCS is designed for those who have already completed a BSc. degree in Computer Science or a related major.


MSCS indicates two things to prospective employers. First, it guarantees that you have a broad grounding in computer science as a discipline. Second, it certifies that you have studied a particular area in detail and thus have additional depth in a particular specialty. Both components are important to the Master's program.

The Program objectives of the master's degree in Computer Science are:

  • The degree prepares students for highly skilled programming careers in industry and society.

  • The degree prepares you for leadership roles in your industry career.

  • The degree prepares you for the increasingly sophisticated application of computers to the needs of industry and society

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