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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies Overview

​The University considers the Graduate Studies as a fundamental part of it, and gives it a high-level of attention for the better of education in and out of Jordan. In the Academic year 2005/2006 the University lunched it first master degree in accounting. Since that date the university lunched seven master programs in alternative majors. The current number of graduate students at the beginning of academic year is 191 students. And the graduate students with master degree reach 258 at the end of academic year 2015/2016. The University provides the appropriate atmosphere and the potential scientific and technical resources for faculty members to carry on the implementation of graduate programs to the fullest. Therefore, it supports scientific research by graduate students and faculty members after being approved based on regulation. The University adopts a policy that the thesis topics should be related to the needs of the community in Jordan and the Arab countries and the world to contribute in solving their problems.

The university offers 7 programs

•    Master 's of Accounting

•    Master 's of Marketing

•    Master 's of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies

•    Master' s of  Pharmaceutical Sciences

•    Master 's of Computer Science

•    Master of Nursing

•    Master of Finance and Risk Management


Excellence in graduate studies locally and internationally, according to the total quality approach contributing to community development which enables the ASU to be in advance ranks between western and eastern universities.


Consolidation of research work of the graduate studies and provides an attractive environment that supports excellence and innovation of researchers through creation of partnership with the local community and focus on research topics serve their issues to contribute to community development. And preserve the ethics of scientific research and improve output in proportion to the total quality approach.


•    Lunch of new master programs meet the needs of local and international communities.

•    Increasing the human knowledge.

•    Establishing the scientific research base at the university.

•    Improving the abilities of graduate students in research methodology and scientific methods in   different fields according to the standards of total quality.

•    Study the problems that have direct effect on local and Arab communities in particular and the world in general.

•    Improving the constructive critical thinking Abilities of the graduate students.​

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