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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Deanship Duties

​Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies' tasks:

1. Considering and approving scientific research projects, patents submitted by faculty members and researchers at the university, and provide the necessary support for their implementation of research equipment and assistants, in addition to financial aid.

2. Preparing the annual budget for scientific research at the university.

3. Establishing cooperative relations with scientific research institutions and centres inside and outside the country to facilitate the task of researchers.

4. Establishing cooperation relations in the fields of scientific research and development with Arab and foreign academic and research institutions and with local community institutions.

5. Periodic review of the instructions of scientific research and supporting the dissemination of research studies and participation in scientific conferences and postgraduate education to develop and update.

6.Following-up the implementation of the scholarship policy at the university and follow-up students who are scholarships to various universities to obtain a PhD degree in multiple fields of knowledge that the university needs.

7.Publication of the Jordan Journal of Applied Sciences: The Natural Sciences Series and the Humanities Series twice a year for each series, which requires the reception, arbitration, acceptance or rejection of research submitted for publication, and linguistic editing in Both Arabic and English, printed and published.

8. Submitting a report to the University's Council at the end of each academic year of scientific research affairs and activities.


Authorities and responsibilities of the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies:

1. Organising, supporting and encouraging scientific research in the university. 

2. Heading the Scientific Research Council. 

3. Supervising the issuance of a refereed scientific journal for applied sciences. 

4. Implementing the university's policy on various scientific publications. 

5. Following up the activities of the university in the field of scientific research outside the university and opening channels of communication with numerous scientific research institutions. 

6. Providing appropriate financial support for the dissemination of study submitted by faculty members in the scientific journals and indexed.

7. Preparing the annual budget of the Deanship. 

8. Forming other committees for scientific research as needed.

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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

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