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Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

Dean responsibilities

The Responsibilities of Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies  

  • Periodic review of the regulations of scientific research affairs at the university in order to encourage and provide appropriate financial support for publication of papers presented by faculty members in scientific indexed journals

  • Preparing the deanship annual budget.

  • Establishing collaboration with universities and scientific centers inside and outside Jordan to facilitate the duties of researchers 

  • Supervising the issuing of the Applied Sciences Scientific Journal in natural and pure sciences and following up the procedures of indexing the journal in prestigious database

  • Executing the university's policy regarding various scientific publications.

  • Following-up university activities in the field of scientific research outside the university and opening channels of communication with various scientific research institutions.

  • Providing scholarships in alternative majors and following up the scholar during their graduate studies outside Jordan​

8/14/2017 3:15 PM