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Sustainable Development Goals

5.6.4 Childcare Facilities For Students

 Have accessible childcare facilities for students which allow recent mothers to attend university courses.
The university provide childcare facilities through an equipped building inside the university with a small amount of fees for student and its free for the staff  .The official page of ASU childcare and kindergarten on facebook 

Daycare Center

The Applied Science Private University's Daycare Center was founded on 1-1-2015 with the aim of providing high quality daycare services for the university's employees and students' children. The university adopted this act in accordance with article 72 of the labor law, which states the importance of providing Daycare centers in the private and public sector institutions.
Currently, around thirty children of ages between two months to four years are benefiting from this service, while it is planned to host up to fifty children. The Daycare center also provides an individual care program which caters to the needs of every child. In addition, it provides group-based activities for small groups and large groups of students.
The university's management seeks to make the Daycare the perfect model in serving and taking care of children of early ages. To do so, the Daycare tends to create a heartwarming family-like atmosphere for the children to enable them to develop different skills according to a program which guarantees quality services, and maintains a healthy and safe environment.
The Daycare provides a healthy and save environment for the children and encourages them to participate in positive and educational games and activities. The Daycare also pays extreme attention to growing the emotional, passional, and dynamic aspects of the children.
The university's management is also working towards upgrading the Daycare to host children of the age of five years and provide the required educational materials under the supervision of a qualified team of academics to provide such services.

The Applied Science Private University's Daycare Center is located behind the Nursing Facult​.

11/20/2023 6:09 PM