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Sustainable Development Goals

3.3.6 Smoke-Free Policy

Our university has policies and prohibited things to do it at the university such as:  Non-Smoking Policy  , you can find this policy from this link ,page 16 . 

ASU student affairs warned against smoking inside the university so they created some penalties to avoid the student from this dangerous , here we have the penalties : 
1. Written warning.
2. Sending the student outside the classroom and calling the University security when necessary to get him/her out.
3. Depriving the student for a specific period of time of benefitting from the services provided by one or more of the University facilities in which the offense was committed.
4. Depriving the student for a specific period of time of one or more of the student activities during which the offense was committed.
5. Warning in its three degrees: the first, the double and the final.
6. Fining the student for at least the same value of the object or objects that he/she has damaged
7.Giving the student a University zero or cancelling his registration in one or more
of the courses in the semester in which the violation occurs, with no refund of fees.
8. Temporary dismissal from the University for one semester or more.
9. Final dismissal from the University.
10. Cancelling the decision of granting the certificate if it turns out that there is a
fraud in the requirements for obtaining it.
11. Suspending granting the degree for no more than two semesters.
12. Depriving the student of attending some or all of the lectures of the courses where he/she disrupts the teaching process .

Also the university made many lectures about Non-Smoking at the university we can show some of them : 
1.The Deanship of Student Affairs at the Applied Science Private University and the Anti-Smoking Committee, in cooperation with the Association of the Jordanian Universities for Tobacco and Smoking Control and the Cancer Control Office - King Hussein Cancer Center, announce the holding of a workshop for students of public and private Jordanian universities entitled “Empowering university students with specific and educational skills about the harms of tobacco.”
 This will take place on Sunday and Monday, February 13-14, 2022 - from 10:00 am ​to 3:00 pm, in the College of Arts and Sciences building, Hall No. 9172.

2. The Applied Science Private University pays great attention to community service and the health of its students, so the university president instructed Prof. Dr.  Mahfouz Judeh joined the Jordanian Universities Association to Combat Smoking as a first step to participate in reducing the phenomenon of smoking and its problems.
 A committee concerned with this issue was also established, including deans of colleges at the university, to draw a road map and take important decisions in this regard.
 The university participated in the first meeting, which was held on Monday, May 22, 2017, to discuss plans and work mechanisms for universities in Jordan to implement the instructions issued by Law No. 26 related to prohibiting smoking on university campuses.  It was also agreed to extend bridges of cooperation between the university and the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the World Health Organization.  The university had a constructive presence in the workshop held on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, entitled 'Training anti-smoking liaison officers from ministries and institutions', where Jordan's epidemiological situation was discussed locally, regionally, and globally.
 Dr. was chosen.  Sanaa Shakhshir, who has long experience in serving the Jordanian pharmaceutical community, as the anti-smoking liaison officer for the university.
 It is worth noting that the university has actually begun to implement a long road map developed to reduce the phenomenon of smoking on campus and to help and encourage students to quit and not return to this phenomenon that is fatal to their health.


11/20/2023 6:09 PM