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Sustainable Development Goals

3.3.2 Health Outreach Programs

Implement outreach programs and projects within the local community, which may involve student volunteering initiatives. The goal is to enhance and advocate for health and well-being, covering areas such as hygiene, nutrition, family planning, sports, exercise, aging well, and other relevant health topics. Additionally, extend outreach efforts to displaced or refugee communities in proximity to the institution.

• The university has conducted numerous lectures in collaboration with various​ companies and universities, aiming to enhance health and well-being.
The Community Service Committee at the College of Pharmacy successfully conducted its second solidarity community activity this year. The winter campaign was targeted at needy families in the Shafa Badran and Baqaa camp areas, done in collaboration with the Shafa Badran Charitable Society and the Baqaa Orphan Center.
The initiative, titled "The warmth of our winter with the warmth of our hearts," involved providing winter blankets, cash, and purchasing vouchers (goodness packages) to each family. A dedicated group of pharmacy and nutrition students, both male and female, actively participated in the campaign, alongside several members of the teaching and administrative staff. The commitment to doing good will persist,
with gratitude for the ongoing here​


11/20/2023 6:09 PM