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Sustainable Development Goals

13.3.3 Co-Operative Planning For Climate Change Disasters

A workshop on the role of higher education institutions in promoting and developing academic practices related to the architectural cultural heritage, in addition to discussing ways of cooperation between institutions and other bodies working in this field. 

We have some examples: 

1. We congratulate the Department of Architecture/College of Applied Engineering and Technology for obtaining Dr.  Doaa Al-Maani received a 6-month research grant provided by the American Center for Research (ACOR) and the United States Agency for International Development in Jordan/USAID SCHEP Sustainable Cultural Heritage Project, in cooperation with researcher M.  Shatha Al-Mubaideen from the British Research Council in the Levant.

 The project aims to study and analyze research trends and mechanisms for teaching architectural cultural heritage in higher education to provide recommendations that contribute to integrating theoretical education with the practical aspect. 


refer to page 64, University is partner with SCHEP. the SCHEP report supporting members of host communities by increasing tourism and related revenue, SCHEP also worked to expand access to heritage by providing tourism packages for the day to the disabled and refugees . 

11/20/2023 6:09 PM