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Sustainable Development Goals

12.2.4 Policy Waste Disposal -Landfill Policy

The University adheres to strict procedures related to controlling waste disposal material, by tracking all types of waste that are collected from different departments and faculties in order to calculate the amount of waste incurred during each academic year for the purpose of reducing such type of waste to the minimum. Strict records are kept for this purpose. 

The procedures related to this policy recommend: usage amount of recycled materials, such as, papers, water; and chemicals 

Policy-2019-2020 ENG.pdf (
Evidence 1: page 97 specifies the university's policy on waste disposal. 
Evidence 2: shows an example of the waste processing program at the university. The policy guide also shows a new policy that has been added to describe the university's stand on amount of waste sent to landfill, as in page 105. 

We have some examples : 
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Rayan conducted joint research between the College of Arts and Sciences at the Applied Sciences Private University and Alzaiem Alazhari University in Sudan, entitled:  "The role of health education in enhancing health care waste management at Khartoum Teaching Hospital"

 "The Role of Health Education in Promotion of Health Care Waste Management in Khartoum North Teaching Hospital"
 Research Summary:
 The study was conducted as a quasi-experimental design at Khartoum Bahri Teaching Hospital to evaluate the role of health education in promoting healthcare waste management.
 Healthcare waste poses significant health risks to those dealing with it, especially hepatitis B and HIV, as well as environmental pollution, and this emphasizes the role of awareness as an essential element in the waste management program.
 The study aimed to conduct and evaluate healthcare waste awareness interventions, encourage the use of preventive measures to protect workers from the dangers of healthcare waste, and improve healthcare waste management methods.  A sample size of (103) target workers (cleaners) was used in the investigation.
 This study was published in the world-ranked Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (Scopus).

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