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Sustainable Development Goals

12.2.3 ​​​Policy Waste Disposal - Hazardous Materials

The most important reason for proper waste management is to protect the environment and for the health and safety of the population.

Certain types of waste can be hazardous and can pollute the environment. Bad waste management practices can also cause land and air pollution which can result in serious medical conditions in humans and animals.
Implementing good waste management practices not only helps to protect the environment but can be beneficial to your business. 
- ASU created a policy to protect the environment ,we can show this policy : 
Policy guide page 97, it describes the  Disposable and Waste Treatment and Handling policy. 

-The university organized cleaning campaigns in order to preserve the environment we show some of them : 

1.The Community Service Committee in the College of Arts and Sciences organized an environmental trip to Ajloun Governorate on Saturday, November 5, 2022. A number of students from the Applied Sciences Private University, under the supervision of a number of faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences, visited the Royal Academy for the Conservation of Nature in the governorate, where it began.  The visit was attended by a lecture on environmental protection and forest wealth in Ajloun Governorate, given by engineer Wafaa Al-Qudah from the Environmental Police.  The lecture was followed by a cleaning campaign in the public picnic areas in the reserve adjacent to the academy building.  Dr. Israa Al-Qudah presented the Applied Science University shield to the environmental police and another shield to officials at the academy.  Officials at the academy and the environmental police praised this campaign and the cooperation of our students and their awareness of various environmental issues.  The visit ended with an entertaining activity and lunch in the academy's restaurant. 


2.The Social and Cultural Committee/Department of Humanities/College of Arts and Sciences organized a visit to the Sports City Forest on Thursday, 11/25/2021, with the aim of practicing walking and cleaning the forest. 30 male and female students from the Sports and Health subject participated in the event, under the supervision of the subject teacher, Dr. Omar Ahmed.  Amir

3. The students cleaned the place and learned about the health and psychological benefits of walking.  The students hoped to repeat these initiatives because of their role in preserving the environment

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