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Sustainable Development Goals

Training on Social Aspects

​​ASU provides dedicated training on the social aspects of sustainability. this can be found by university programs in sustainability studies, environmental policy, or social sciences, which often include courses or specializations focusing on social equity, community engagement, and sustainable development goals. In addition to the workshops, webinars, and training programs specifically addressing social issues within the context of sustainability.


1- The Deanship of Student Affairs/Office of Career Leave and Graduate Follow-up - King Abdullah II Fund for Development announced for free workshops were held for students and graduates on Tuesday11/28/2023, in the Deanship of Student Affairs - and it was also left in the Office of Career Leave and Graduate Follow-up.​

2- The Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at the College of Allied Medical Sciences signed a cooperation agreement with major international institutions concerned with providing advanced and specialized training courses in nutrition and clinical nutrition, which allow students to obtain international certificates with American accreditation from the American Food and Nutrition Association Eat Right .

The agreement aimed to provide everything that is modern in nutrition science to the students of the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, and to develop the students’ skills, enhance their potential, and prepare a generation of graduates who are scientifically and practically qualified .

The department's students have begun attending these specialized training workshops in several areas, including :

1. Sports Nutrition

2. Nutrition and Diabetes

3. Pregnancy Nutrition

4. Chronic Kidney Disease Nutrition

5. Oncology Nutrition for cancer patients

6. Pediatric and Neonatal Nutrition

7. Vegetarian Nutrition

8. Diet for polycystic ovary syndrome​

3- In our ongoing efforts to Accelerate Cervical Cancer Elimination in Jordan, EMPHNET facilitated an engaging seminar at the Applied Science University. Dr. Zeina Abdul Majeed took the lead, sharing vital information on Cervical Cancer, its risk factors, prevention strategies, and the significance of vaccination. Students and professors were actively involved, beginning with a pretest to gauge their understanding and concluding with a posttest to measure the learning achieved. The session was wrapped up with a Q&A, allowing for a deeper exploration of the topic.​

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