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Sustainable Development Goals

Environmental Sustainability

 ASU offers dedicated training on environmental aspects of sustainability through various programs in its colleges. This commitment is further demonstrated by partnerships with organizations specializing in sustainability education, ensuring comprehensive training and adherence to sustainability practices

       1.ASU is committed to ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all, with a focus on promoting renewable energy and enhancing energy efficiency. Established in 1996, the ASU Environmental Studies and Renewable Energy Center conducts research and monitors new technologies in the energy field, particularly renewable energy, which has garnered worldwide attention. The center's vision is to develop energy projects and support research that enhances the quality of energy research in the sector. Its mission includes providing high-quality technical support, research assistance, and training in the renewable energy field within the university.

Key milestones include
In 2013, ASU installed a photovoltaic (PV) project comprising two separate systems: a 500 kWp grid-connected system installed on the roofs of the Engineering, Library, and Activity buildings, and a 58 kWp grid-connected Test Field system.
In 2015, ASU became the first university in Jordan to install a Weather Station, providing valuable data on weather parameters like temperature, humidity, wind speed, and direction, which is regularly updated on the university's official website.
ASU not only focuses on PV projects and research but also has expanded practical training opportunities for its students and those from other universities. Future plans include hosting numerous training courses in renewable energy and PV systems and establishing partnerships with leading institutions in the energy field.

For more information, please visit ASU's Center for Environmental Studies and Renewable Energy.​

​1. International MIC Union Competition

The International MIC Union Competition is an esteemed global event hosted by the Make Impact Consortium (MIC), spearheaded by MIT, which is recognized as the world's leading university. This year, the competition focuses on sustainable development with a specific emphasis on creating solutions for providing clean water, environmentally friendly energy sources, and the rational consumption of natural resources.

Competition Stages:

First Stage: Making Innovators

• In this initial phase, participants engage in training courses covering innovation, entrepreneurship, design basics, and product manufacturing. These courses are led by specialized experts from MIT.

​• At the end of this stage, participants present their sustainable development solution ideas.

• All participants who complete this stage receive a Certificate of Participation from the MIC Federation.

• This stage concludes with qualifiers to determine who progresses to the next round.

Second Stage: Innovators Making

• The qualified students from the first stage move on to compete in designing the best initial product designs.

• Participants are required to present a detailed design of the product they propose, focusing on innovation and sustainability.

For more details on the competition and how to participate, you can visit the official MIC post on Facebook.​

2. In alignment with the sustainable development goals, the College of Applied Engineering and Technology recently hosted a pivotal workshop titled "Water Harvesting: The Malaysian Experience." This event was graced by the presence of representatives from several key entities, including the Ministry of Water, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Engineers Syndicate, and various municipalities from the north of the Kingdom. Faculty members from the College of Engineering and numerous students also participated.

The workshop was a part of an ongoing international collaboration with the Malaysian University of Science, under a cooperation agreement supported by the British Royal Academy of Engineering. During the workshop, academics and practitioners from the Malaysian University of Science delivered lectures on the effective strategies employed in Malaysia for water harvesting. These discussions covered the technologies used for water conservation, potential collaborative efforts between Jordan and Malaysia for water management, as well as the design and efficacy of rainwater harvesting systems. The goal was to explore methods and techniques that could be utilized to enhance water security.

For more information about the event and to view highlights, visit the College's official Facebook post.


3. The Office of Career Guidance and Graduate Follow-up at King Abdullah II Fund for Development, under the Deanship of Student Affairs, is excited to announce the availability of free training courses for both students and graduates. These courses are designed to enhance skills in specialized fields and are offered in collaboration with distinguished colleges at the university.​

Upcoming Training Courses:

1.Sustainable Energy and Photovoltaic Systems Design
Offered by: The College of Engineering
Course Focus: This course provides an in-depth look at the design of photovoltaic systems and the broader context of sustainable energy. Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills pertinent to the growing field of renewable energy technologies.

2.Infection Control Principles
Offered by: The College of Nursing
Course Focus: This course covers the foundational principles of infection control, essential for healthcare professionals and those interested in public health. It aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge to manage and prevent the spread of infections in various settings.
These courses are a fantastic opportunity for those looking to expand their expertise and enhance their professional qualifications in these crucial areas. Both courses are free of charge, aligning with the university's commitment to accessible and continuous education.
For more details and to register for the courses, please visit the official announcement post on Facebook.​

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