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Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office

Task And Responsibilty

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office tasks and responsibilities of the focus on the following areas:

  1. 1.Ensuring that the university's faculties, academic departments, and administrative departments operate in accordance with the university's vision, mission, and goals.
  2. 2.Spreading and consolidating quality culture among all employees (academic and administrative) at the university.
  3. 3.Reviewing quality control standards for higher education institutions at the national, regional and global levels.
  4. 4.Reviewing the quality of the academic programs offered and making continuous improvements on them to keep pace with changes.
  5. 5.Conduct a self-evaluation of faculties and academic departments and provide reports to top management accordingly, that represent the strengths points to develop them and the weakness points to address them.
  6. 6.Holding training courses for employees and academic staff during the academic year on an ongoing basis with the aim of building and enhancing their skills and abilities.
  7. 7.Develop plans for improvement and development processes. ​

11/30/2023 1:54 PM