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Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office

About office

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office was established in 2010 as an extension of the Quality Management Department, which was established in 2003, proclaiming its commitment to the responsibility of the University, which focuses on the University of Applied Sciences being a source of excellence for science and knowledge at the local, Arab and international levels. In order to support and develop the Jordanian and Arab societies alike with the best of science and knowledge outputs. Based on this belief, the Quality Assurance Unit took into consideration part of this great academic edifice. The tools of excellence in the educational, administrative and functional system associated from input and operations to the output through the adoption of the philosophy and policy of continuous improvement in all areas of education and administration to match the national standards and global quality of education." The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office is followed by the Supreme Steering Committee for Quality which is chaired by University President. ​​

11/30/2023 1:45 PM