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Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office

Strategic Planning Unit


Continual improvement in the performance of the university by assessing the environmental factors, specifying the new fields of pedagogical activities, explaining their relative characteristics, and evaluating the relevant opportunities and risks.


Abiding by laying down the necessary plans for developing the opportunities of education and scientific research of students, academicians and the domestic community in a way that warrants conformity to the national and international standards.


1. To disseminate the strategic thought over the faculties and departments.

2. To periodically assess the university strategic role by referring to the strategic plan.

3. To periodically revise the university strategic plan and make the necessary amendments to it.

4. To design the phases of the university strategic plan in the light of the university duties in a way that warrants the competitive characteristic and preserves it.

5. To enhance the collaboration between the components of the pedagogical process by joining all authorities in formulating the university strategic plan.

6. To continuously revise the elements of the pedagogical process, which include the students, teachers and academic programs.

7. To take any corrective step for redressing any deviation to warrant the continuous commitment to putting the strategy​

7/18/2017 4:28 PM