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Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Why Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics specialization at ASU

The study plan for the specialization of clinical nutrition and diets at Applied Science Private University is characterized by teaching new courses that contribute to increasing students' knowledge and ability to provide counseling on important topics, including mental health and its association with obesity and nutritional disorders

The program also offers specialized elective courses including organic food intake and nutrition for cancer patients, adults and children

This specialization is concerned with graduating nutritionists working hand in hand with all members of the healthcare team working in hospitals, healthcare institutions and sports clubs. In addition, it is concerned with the provision of nutritional counseling to the healthy and ill patients alike

The specialization includes distinctive courses that will contribute to graduating nutritionists with great knowledge in human nutrition, metabolism and special diets needed for people suffering from various illnesses

The specialization will be enriched by providing joint courses to students from the Nutrition and Pharmacy specializations to benefit from the expertise available at the faculty and to help in exchanging experiences between students of the two specializations.

Clinical nutrition and dietetics at ASU offers an effective training of students at the Al-Ittihad schools based on a cooperation agreement aimed at evaluating and optimizing the nutritional status of school children. As well, special and intensive training at Ibn Al Haytham Hospital through the University's pharmaceutical care unit

Studies showed the urgent need of the labor market locally and in the Arab world to specialize clinical nutrition and dietetics in proportion to the development of newly ascending diseases and Increasing the number of patients including more than hospitals, health centers and sports centers (according to the latest results of the accreditation committee published on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and based on the reference of the nurses and nurses and legal midwives and the Jordanian Food and Nutrition Association)

In addition to this, the University of Applied Sciences is characterized by its location in the Jordanian capital Amman, and easy access especially with the provision of the University for transportation service that includes different areas in the capital.