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Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics



The Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics program at ASU start running during the academic year 2019/2020 under the umbrella of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics offers students a Bachelor degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics through a four years full-time study.  The students after completion of third year courses of study have required spending a full summer semester in practicing clinical nutrition and nutritional assessments in a form of training in approved Hospital (IBN AL-HYTHAM HOSPITAL) wards and schools (ALITTIHAD PRIVATE SCHOOL), under supervision of the department staff members and administrative supervision. The program at ASU offers students a strong foundation of an accumulative learning experiences of courses covers all aspects of clinical nutrition , human nutrition, community Nutrition, Anatomy and pathophysiology, food systems management, and clinical nutrition and dietetics.

​Why Choosing Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics at ASUD

  • High demand field and Career Stout Market

  • Most noted nutrition therapeutic affiliate facilities

  • Degree, certificate, and health professional practicing

  • Nation most distinguished private university


To have a global leading role in delivering healthcare services, conducting scientific research, and engaging in community development, through the science of clinical nutrition and dietetics.



To provide national and international communities with highly skilled nutritionists and clinical dietitians responsible for health promotion, disease prevention, well-being and nutraceutical knowledge by following the latest educational strategies in the field.  


  • · Creation and interventions: To apply new ideas and provide a creative solution to emerging cases in clinical nutrition and dietetics, especially those related to pharmaceutics.
  • ·  Support and cooperation: To encourage working with healthcare professional teams, including the pharmaceutical team, to achieve goals and provide significant and suitable nutritional solutions.
  • · Comprehensive caring: To provide maximum nutritional caring for patients, customers and schoolchildren, with an emphasis on producing clear and comprehensive nutritional programs.
  • ·  Motivation and encouragement: To provide a future in which individuals value their well-balanced nourishment in all nutritional aspects. ​


Specialty Skills

  • ·  Empower students to achieve high educational outcomes in the field of clinical nutrition and dietetics.
  • ·  Provide students with high level of educational skills based on clinical nutrition and dietetics training.
  • · Guarantee exceptional training practices in the clinical nutrition and dietetics area, with special focus on the science of pharmacy.
  • · Develop and improve nutritional services intended to be offered to special populations and/or individuals.
  • ·  Distinguished certified graduates at the national and international levels.


Expected Labor Market Areas

  • ·   Private Nutrition Centers and Clinics
  • ·    Sports Clubs and Gyms
  • ·    Governmental and Private Schools
  • ·    Nutritional Service Institutions
  • ·    Medical Representatives for Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Companies.
  • ·    Academic Work and Scientific Research Centers
  • ·    Hospitals and Health Care Centers
  • ·    Global and International Organizations