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Pharmacy Practice Group

Selection Criteria for Accreditation of Training Sites

​Faculty of Pharmacy/Applied Science Private University


Criteria for Accreditation

  • Having an up-to-date license for the pharmacy.

  • No record of any violation of official regulations.

  • ​Located in a suitable geographical location (Preferred to be located in Amman)​.

  • Having sufficient work volume to facilitate student learning, i.e. dispensing 15 prescriptions or more daily and serving a minimum of 30 patients a day.

  • Having access to sufficient information resources.

  • Having a suitable pharmacy setting (e.g. arrangement of medications behind the dispensing counter).

  • Having a sufficient variety of medication types and quantities.

  • A preceptor with experience in community pharmacy (a minimum of 3 years).

  • A suitable student to preceptor ratio in the pharmacy (max 3:1).