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Training day for medical promotion in ASU in collaboration with Al-Nawi and Tarqumiyah drugstores

Based on the Faculty of Pharmacy’s enthusiasm to provide the best training opportunities for its students, to support them during their scientific and practical careers, and to share various expertise and experiences, the Pharmaceutical Practice Group, in cooperation with the Quality Warehouse and Tarqumiya Warehouse, held a training day for medical advertising in the faculty on Wednesday 4/24/2024.

 The day began with an introductory workshop on the work of pharmacists in warehouses, which included a dialogue session with students who had undergone training experience within the medical advertising sector, in the presence of representatives of the qualitative warehouse and the Tarqumiya warehouse. The session included a discussion between the students and their colleagues who went through the experience, where they learned about the various aspects of the medical advertising profession, its requirements, and how to prepare for the labor market. They reviewed the challenges they faced during the experience, and how they benefited them on the personal level.

After the end of the session, a presentation was held in the Faculty of Pharmacy, where the trainee students demonstrated their acquired skills in communication and answered the audience’s inquiries about a number of distinguished products of the pharmaceutical warehouse of quality and quality in the market, in addition to providing various instructions, advice on how to take care of the skin and hair, as well as the important and essential vitamins for the body’s health and activity. This was concluded by asking a number of questions with the aim of entering an immediate draw for one of these various products according to the interests of the attendees.

At the end of the day, the Dean of the  facutly honored the representatives of the Specific Drug Store and the Tarqumiya Drug Store and thanked them for sharing this distinguished training experience with us. It is worth noting that this initiative was coordinated and followed up by the Pharmaceutical Practice Group and Dr. Anas Shweiki with the aim of providing opportunities that would raise the students’ efficiency and optimally prepare them for the labor market, to encourage them to participate in upcoming training initiatives.