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Annual Ramadan Iftar for orphans


With the continuous efforts of the Community Service Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy at ASU, the committee held its Annual Ramadan Iftar for orphans. The Iftar took place at ASU campus on Wednesday 20/3/2024, the 9th of Ramadan.

Eighty orphans from four orphanages (Al-Wahdat, Al-Natheef, Al-Mahatta and Al-Rusaifah) were invited to an event full of fun and hospitable atmosphere. The Iftar was attended by Dr. Samar Thiab the Dean of the faculty of pharmacy, Dr. Manal Ayyash, the head of the Community Services Committee, and a number of the faculty’s members, administrative staff and students.

​The faculty students also participated in many recreational and educational games with the orphans prior to iftar. They also presented Eid gifts, vouchers for Eid clothing and sweets and treats for children.

​ ​